The Momentum Media fund invests in businesses focusing on:

Fin Tech, New Media, Social Media, Virtual Reality, Film, Television, and other Synergistic Projects

The fund handles: lending services through secured promissory notes and bridge financing, equity investments, production loans, and third party collateral for other third party loans.


All projects the fund issues loans to, invests in, or provides guaranties for must be approved by at least two of the fund’s advisory board members after due diligence is done and meet the following criteria:

  • We like blockchain: Ideally, candidates utilize blockchain technology and/or have cryptocurrency offerings in place with proper legal framework.
  • Must already have raised seed  round of financing.
  • Must be developed by a team with an experienced track record in projects of similar scope and budget.
  • If media, must be principally launched by a  team with at least 5 minimum credits for similar projects of scope such as video games launches, television and/or digital media projects with past similar scope, budget, and credentials.
  • Should ideally have a tax rebate plan in place with the local government.
  • Must have the balance of financing in place for the project if it is a co-financed project.
  • Must have a clear chain of title to the project.
  •  Budget range from $100,000 USD to $10 million USD in total per project.
  • Must have a distribution and revenue plan in place.
  • Should have a positive impact on job creation and local economic development and be socially conscious projects.


The fund holds a portfolio of its on an active basis liquid and non liquid investments in fiat, digital assets, and IP as determined by the managers under the following guidelines:

  • Not less than 25% is invested in projects with at least $100 million USD market cap.
  • Not more than 50% is invested in pre-IEO projects that are launched in regulated markets outside of the USA or approved projects in the USA.
  • Not less than 25% is invested in high growth potential blockchain projects with market caps in excess of $10 million USD each and headquartered/located in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Finland, Bermuda,  Hong Kong,  The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Japan or South Korea or stable and regulated territories approved by the fund managers only.
  • 50% of the fund is for investing in projects until it is redeemed at the end of the fund term and the other 50% is for pledging or lending for bridge financing on select fin tech, new media, digital media, A/R and VR,  film, television, virtual reality, fin tech social media and new media ventures.