MMF – Funding and Partnering With Leading Ventures In Media and Tech Powered By  Blockchain Technology!

Momentum is leading the way by investing and partnering in highly selective ventures in the media and tech space that are powered by blockchain technologies.


Sports and Entertainment: repeatedly proven to be a recession proof industry loved and supported by most everyone. Digital Media: representing the convergence of the power of social media, blockchain computing and the exponential growth of video consumption by consumers make digital media sectors one of the highest growth industries resulting in unprecedented value for investors. The blockchain is rapidly creating some of the most valuable companies and token reward systems in the sports and entertainment space. Momentum Media Fund is managed by an experienced team with a more than $5 billion dollar track record in media, entertainment, film and sports ventures. The company has a seasoned team to help do the due diligence on sports and entertainment ventures it invests in and leverages for increased value to the media fund’s stake holders.

“The explosion of “TV Everywhere” with the rapid deployment of smart devices, demand for content, explosion of social media influencers, video viewing on smartphones and HD viewing experiences has resulted in meteoric growth for the digital media advertising industries and of the digital media space.”


FORMATION: Momentum Media Fund has a Pan Pacific office located in Singapore. The group operates with its network of over 80 other fund and family relationships in Hong Kong ,Japan, South Korea , Europe and USA. USA investors are not allowed to participate in the fund.

“The global media and entertainment sectors represent a $1.71 trillion industry.”
(source: U.S. Department of Trade Report)
Key Media & Entertainment Competitiveness Issues
  • Convergence of media and entertainment sectors along with emergence of “mega” media corporations
  • Import quotas, taxation, discriminatory customs valuations and domestic protectionist practices
  • Privacy and copyright enforcement
  • Cultural content and censorship restrictions
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) restrictions
  • Royalties and monetization
  • Continued transition to digital from traditional media productions, distribution and consumption

OUR OFFICES: Correspondent offices are maintained at 26 Sin Ming Lane #08-114 Midview City Singapore S 573971.

VIRTUAL FINANCIAL ROAD SHOWS AND INVESTMENT SYNDICATION: Our Digital Asset, Entertainment, Sports, Social Media, E-Commerce, Fin-Tech and Tech Clients Tap Our Contacts and Network Worldwide

  • We are a Full Service Company.
  • International Focus.
  • We have a network of over 1400 funds and family offices around the world we connect with and over 80 we are active with.
  • We have a global network of family offices and institutional investors we work with in Asia, and Europe.


Leaders With Star Power: Many of our ventures are leading companies who leverage our relationships with hundreds of well known brands, business and cultural icons, institutions, and famous athletes, celebrities, and  ambassadors to empower their ventures.